About us

The story

Our founder – a Scandinavian Entrepreneur, started in 1987 with a passion for supplying daily use products directly to Customers home by the postal service. Courlux International SA has created and promoted a value for price portfolio of products in categories such as underwear, razor, cosmetics, food supplements and more. By offering a risk free and fair payment system (invoicing upon delivery) to more than 10 million satisfied consumers across the continent.

The main landmark of the company is our logistics center based out of Semsales in Canton Fribourg, Switzerland. Where we handle voluminous stock inventories, automated packaging, optimal shipping and deliveries of millions of packs as letter mail format size. Courlux being a leading suppliers of product subscriptions in Europe, we ship more then 10’000 mail orders daily straight into the customer’s mail box.

The mission

We still put our soul into developing our own high-quality products by buying from the best suppliers and establishing own brands. We cut steps in the chain of suppliers taking control over the whole process. Every step is in our hands to optimize the prize for our customers.

The base for all our customers loyalty is convenience, quality and prize. Customers stay as long as they like. No hidden terms. Members can adjust the delivery frequency of their subscription for a wide range of product categories: